Double Dog Dare-a-Thon

double dog dare a thon key art

Has your student ever wanted to invite a friend to Transit, but wasn't sure how? Double Dog Dare-a-Thon exists to make it the easiest and most fun invitation possible!

How It Works: Students invite a friend for a sleepover at their house on Saturday, April 20.

Saturday, April 20: Teams will preregister (more info to come). At 7:00 p.m., the phone number they used to register will receive a text letting them know they can begin. Dare instructions and example videos will be sent to that number. After completing each challenge, teams will document their work with a photo and text it back for our judges to evaluate. Once the photo of a dare is received, teams will get a follow-up text with instructions for the next dare, and this continues until they complete the list of eight total dares.

Sunday, April 21: At Transit the following morning, the winners of each dare will be announced, celebrated, and receive a prize. There will also be other fun games and raffles. Every student has a chance to win!

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