Groups FAQ

Learn more about Groups at Decatur City Church.

What is a Community Group?

Community Groups are small groups of six married couples or eight to twelve individuals of the same gender who meet in homes or online to pursue spiritual growth and authentic relationships.

Will there be a Group launch event?

There will not be a launch event. Groups will have their initial meeting either online or in person.

What types of Community Groups do you offer?

Married Couples’ Groups

  • Married without Children
  • Married with Children
  • Empty Nesters

Men’s Groups

  • Singles-Only
  • Various Stages of Life
  • Morning Groups

Women’s Groups

  • Singles-Only
  • Various Stages of Life
  • Morning Groups
What is a typical Community Group meeting schedule?

Groups typically meet 3 to 4 times a month for 1.5 to 2 hours during the course of a year.

How do I join a Community Group?

Group registration happens online twice a year, in January and August. When it opens, you’ll have the opportunity to view group options and register for the group that best fits your schedule, stage of life, and area of town.

The group I joined is no longer a great fit for me. How do I change groups?

When you joined your group, you received a confirmation email. Use the “MAKE A CHANGE” button at the bottom of your confirmation email to update your group registration. You’ll only be able to join a group that still has openings. If you cannot participate in a group this season, you can use the “MAKE A CHANGE” button at the bottom of your email to remove yourself from your group without joining a new one.

I missed the Community Group registration period, but I really want to be part of a group.

You can try a Short-Term Group. They’re like Community Groups, but they meet weekly for a short time to explore one topic. Short-Term Groups happen seasonally throughout the year. For more information, visit after Community Group registration has closed. 

In what areas of town do Decatur City Church groups meet?

Our groups meet throughout the Decatur City area and East Atlanta. The groups are formed based on the leader’s location. If you don’t see your area listed, contact us. We’ll help you determine whether a group at a different Atlanta-area North Point Ministries church would be closer to you. 

Is childcare provided during regular group meetings?

Childcare is not provided, but we provide a childcare supplement (at a predetermined rate) if you need a babysitter so you can attend group meetings.