Waumba Land

An environment designed with children ages six weeks—pre-K in mind.

Introducing preschoolers to the love of God

"I was nervous at first...

to bring my 7-week-old daughter to Waumba Land. But after meeting the volunteers, I realized I had nothing to fear and everything to gain. Zoe's 3 years old now and every morning, she begs me to take her to Waumba Land."


What is Waumba Land?

Waumba Land is our Sunday morning environment for children six weeks–pre-K. Each week, kids are introduced to the love of God while parents attend the service knowing their kids are safe, loved, and having a blast. 

In Waumba Land, we partner with parents to instill three simple ideas in the hearts of children:

  1. God made them.
  2. God loves them.
  3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Join us in person, or check out Waumba Land Online weekly for fun music videos and helpful parenting resources!


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Sunday Feature, October 17

Rahab helped protect some good spies from the bad guys. She was not afraid because Rahab knew she could count on God to be with her. You can count on God too!

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Waumba Online Sunday content

Sunday Feature, October 10

Esther had to do something brave to help her family and friends. God helped her be strong and courageous. You can always count on God!


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Waumba Online Sunday content

Sunday Feature, October 3

Elijah had to do something hard, but he was brave because he knew he could count on God. And then God did something amazing!

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Waumba Land Sunday Video

Sunday Feature, September 26

King David went out of his way to take care of someone who needed his help. God wants us to help others too!

You'll always find something fun in Waumba Land

Mega Awesome Costume Party

October 31, 2021 • 10:30 a.m.
Bring your preschoolers dressed in their favorite not-so-scary costumes and be ready to party!

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