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Be Rich 2021

Get your whole family involved in Be Rich!

An opportunity for your kids to GIVE, SERVE, & LOVE

We’re asking Waumba Land families to donate diapers and wipes for the women of Embrace Refugee Birth Support, a program of our nonprofit partner, Friends of Refugees.

Now through October 10, bring in unopened packs of diapers and wipes in any brand or size. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation with your child about how to see the needs of others and how your family can work together to help!

Kathleen Edelman's book "A Grown Up Guide to Kids' Wiring

A Grown-Up’s Guide to Kids’ Wiring

Make sense of the kids around you.

No matter the age or stage, kids are… hard.

But understanding their wiring might change the way you look at (and speak to) every child that crosses your path from this day forward.

Communication expert Kathleen Edelman has spent three decades helping grown-ups make sense of the kid around them. The result? Better behavior; better relationships. In this book and the six videos that go along with it, she’ll do the same thing for you and the kids in your family, in your classroom, or on your team.