Waumba Land

Six weeks–pre-K

Image of child at Waumba Land with her snack.

Introducing preschoolers to the love of God

What is Waumba Land?

Waumba Land is our Sunday morning environment for children six weeks–pre-K. Each week, kids are introduced to the love of God while parents attend the service knowing their kids are safe, loved, and having a blast. Your child will sing songs, learn monthly Bible verses, and enjoy age-appropriate play—all with consistent volunteers who care.

In Waumba Land, we partner with parents to instill three simple ideas in the hearts of children:

  1. God made them.
  2. God loves them.
  3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

"I was nervous at first to bring my 7-week-old daughter to Waumba Land. But after meeting the volunteers, I realized I had nothing to fear and everything to gain. Zoe's 3 years old now and every morning, she begs me to take her to Waumba Land."


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